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From the moment AK Burkhart could walk and talk, everything was a horse.  A deep love of horses only grew as AK Burkhart became older.  Finally at the ripe young age of 8, AK Burkhart began riding lessons on the mystifying Arabian horse.  It was love at first sight. Her family eventually moved near Toledo, Ohio and wanting to stem the tide of boy craziness, her parents bought her a beautiful Half-Arabian mare. As a young teenager, the unique bond between horse and rider formed for her with the Arabian horse. Hunter jumper, 5 gaited stride, dressage, and western games extended the thrill of the ride for 8 years until graduate school, marriage and children took over.

ArabianEven then, after a few years of marriage, lessons began again in dressage and jumping. This time on a Morgan Arabian and they were enjoyed as well by her daughter. Again the love for the Arabian horse conituned to grow. Time came to once again own her own horse as a personal refuge from the hustle and bustle of a booming accounting career. An offer was made to buy her firm, and she took the funds and built what is now known as Classicala Farm…… Through much work, the farm went full blast into breeding and offering the best possible Arabian and Half-Arabians specializing in traditional Olympic riding style. Yet, the main focus ws and is to produce the elegance of the Arabian horse in all the breeding decisions.

Every pedigree and genotype is analyzed and reviewed to inspire the best possible outcome for an Arabian horse with elegance and strength. Classicala Farm and AK Burkhart have been breeding these magnificent horses since 1994 with astonishing results … true gems for the international market. Our purebreds hail from the bloodlines of Estopa, Sanadik El Shaklan, Padrons Psyche, *Aladdinn, *Marwan Al Shaqab, Ferzon, El Hilal, Ali Jamaal, Simeon Shai, Monogramm & *Bask,…to name a few. Our non-Arab broodmares hail from Butow, a relative of Peron, Skipper W from QH lines known for working western and reining, and Bold Ruler from Thoroughbred lineage who is known for top performance horses.

Classicala Farm provides horses to the best riders nationally and internationally.  Besides the United States, many have come from England, Canada, France, Saudi Arabia and other countries to take one of Classicala Farm's top perfoming horses home with them. With the best pedigree avaiable, Classicala Farm has horses under saddle, exquisite foals, jewellike broodmares and extremely beautiful halter horses available. In addition, there are the magnificent stallions to to add to your own barn's pedigree. When you are on a quest for a horse, please visit us for our mystifying horses and wonderful company! Take a stroll around the farm to enjoy our flower gardens, butterfly garden, huge fishing pond, starlit nights on the hill and of course our alluring horses.

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